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10 Helpful Ways to Cope with Anxiety: Methods I use when Anxiety gets overwhelming

Today I wanted to share 10 helpful skills I use when I am feeling overwhelmed with anxiety. Though I have come a long way in my healing journey, I still experience adrenaline rushes from time to time, and its important we continue to carry coping skills with us to help navigate these emotions as they arise.

When anxiety used to hit, I used to be debilitated by it. It would consume my whole day, to the point where I was no longer present in my life. I defined each and every day by whether I felt anxious and would search and scan for symptoms in my body.

Now my relationship wit anxiety has changed and these copings skills have helped me through some of the most difficult moments and hope they help you too!

Though you may not be able to control when anxiety arises, you CAN control how you respond and nurture yourself in those moments

10 coping skills I use to help soothe anxiety

  1. Massaging my hand/foot. When Im out in public I will often massage my hand along the thumb side to focus on the sensation of releasing tension in my hands. This focus brings me back into the present no matter how I am feeling in the moment.

  2. Cold water. Now I can imagine if you're someone like me who doesn't really like the cold you would be put off by this, but stick with me! This is one of my go to practices in the summer months when its warmer. I will always bring some cold water with me to drink, but also if needed to splash on my face. Another idea could be to bring ice with you.

  3. Thought reframing. If you follow me on IG, you know how much I love to reframe my thoughts. Its always valuable to remember that our thoughts are NOT facts. When we begin to see our thoughts as separate from ourselves, we open up the opportunity to reframe them in ways that are more supportive and compassionate

  4. Engaging your senses. I like to use essential oils to ground myself. This includes things like peppermint and bergamot that help bring me back into the present moment. I will often place it on my temples or wrists to I can continue to smell it and relax.

  5. Moving my body. Sometimes its valuable to dissipate some of the adrenaline thats in your body. Even if its taking a quick walk around the block, or doing some jumping jacks can help to dissipate and soothe some of the anxiety you're experiencing.

  6. Music. Having a playlist ready for when you're experiencing anxiety that you can listen to that calms you and bring you joy. For me its listening to the sound of rain falling. Or listening to a few of my favorite albums.

  7. Sensory deprivation. When Im feeling anxious I am often overstimulated, and that stimulation can lead to increased feelings of anxiety. This is why I often carry around noise counselling headphones or ear plugs with me if Im not able to get away from the space Im in.

  8. Visualization. In a moment of anxiety, we can often be taken away into negative and often intrusive thoughts. In these moments I like to think of a calm place. Maybe its a beach or a place that brings me joy. Think about a place that brings you happiness and keep that in mind as soon as you need.

  9. Release tension in your body. Anxiety can cause us to tense in places we may not realize. For me its in my abdomen and my shoulders. So when I begin feeling that way - I intentionally bring awareness to relaxing my shoulders, my jaw and releasing the tension in my belly. Try focusing on how you can progressively relax your muscles when you feel anxiety rising.

  10. Remember you are safe. Though it may seem 'easy' to remind yourself you are safe, anxiety has its ways of making everything feel SO real, even when it isn't. No matter how scary anxiety becomes. know that you are NEVER alone, and this feeling WILL pass.

I hope these ways to soothe have been helpful, and they continue to help you through any moments of anxiety.

Know that you are NEVER alone.

Sending love,


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