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4 ways to navigate the anxiety of big life changes

Lately as I move through my own big life changes, I wanted to share these 4 tips to help navigate any big life changes that may come your way in life. Life changes can be ANYTHING, from things you know are coming (moving, graduating, changing careers, having a baby, getting married) to those that are out of our control (loss, grief, mental health challenges, etc). No matter what you're experiencing right now, know that your experience is VALID. Lets dive into a few ways that can help YOU navigate big life changes no matter when they may come in your life.

  1. Write it out and express how you're feeling - When we move through any life change it can often cause a mix of emotions. There may be moments of grief and sadness, frustration and anxiety, and hope and joy. What is vital is that you continue to process those emotions as they come up and try not to set ways you SHOULD feel. With anything in life, it can be hard to predict how we will feel and it's important we don't set expectations on how we may feel. Similar to our experience with anxiety, saying we simply wont feel a certain way often creates more and more of that feeling. Try implementing a way you can write out and process your emotions. Whether that be writing them out, drawing, dancing, any way you wish to express those emotions. Watch how you feel afterwards and see how it can help you move through these events.

  2. Focus on what you can control - In moments of struggle we can often be so focused on what we CANNOT control that we lose sight of the things we can continue to do to nurture ourselves through a difficult time. Instead of trying to focus on what other people think or how they behave, or trying to control ever single outcome. It can be important we turn inward and reflect more on how we can nurture our own souls. Bring kindness into those moments where things feel out of control and reflect back on how we can continue to support ourselves.

  3. Create space to FEEL your emotions - Similar to writing out and expressing how we're feeling - we also have to let ourselves FEEL. When we write out our emotions we create that space, but if we continue to suppress them as they come up they simply continue to build and build. Use the opportunity of writing and processing our emotions to express them. Maybe it's a good cry, or an intense workout, perhaps its a giant sigh or scream. Letting out emotions out allows us to enter these unknowns of our life changes with more awareness and more calm. Have you ever noticed you feel better after crying? Sometimes that emotional release is just what we need.

  4. Ask for help - Lastly, but one of the most important tips to navigating big life changes is to ask for help. Now asking for help doesn't always mean outwardly explaining everything that is going on in your life, its often giving yourself the space you need. Maybe it's a day off, a few hours to yourself, someone to talk to, reaching out to a therapist, or even giving yourself extra time and permission to heal and process.

No matter what you're moving through right now, I want you to know that you are so much more capable than you think and you WILL get through this.

Sending you so much love,


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