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Mental Health IS Health: A reminder of how important mental health advocacy is

Did you know 1 in 5 people struggle with their mental health in the US and Canada? That means that if you're in a classroom for 30 people, 6 of them will struggle with their mental health. Those numbers also don't include the impact of the pandemic on peoples mental health worldwide, YET there is still SO much stigma that exists around mental health.

If you're part of our online community, you may see many posts highlighting the importance of mental health and may be wondering, what does the stigma look like?

Things like: saying that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, that struggling with our mental health is all in our heads, that its a sign of being 'broken' or 'not strong enough, that it only impacts certain people...and those are just a few examples of the stigma that STILL exists in our society.

Now that we have talked a bit about what stigma can look like in our society - you may be wondering...well what we can do about it!?

There are SO many ways we can continue to advocate for mental health in our schools, workplaces, homes, and communities. Here are a few examples of each that you can explore :)


- Instructors checking in with students or teaching about mental health

- Programs offered by schools that help support mental health and wellness

- Improving on campus access to therapy and other mental health treatments

- Parents allow students (of any age!) to take mental health days


- Asking about your companies mental health coverage

- Continuing education courses to improve mental health awareness

- Checking in with coworkers (even the ones that look like they have it all together)

- Creating boundaries around working hours and setting standards in your workplace


- Checking in with your family members

- Learning more about your family

- Prioritizing getting outside and getting moving

- Promote good sleep hygiene

- Create a safe space to share how everyone is feeling


- Share your experience (if you're comfortable)

- Support campaigns that raise awareness and funds for mental health

- Share tips that have helped you through a difficult time

- Plan a fundraiser

- Find ways to volunteer

Advocating for mental health looks different for everyone, but there are ways all of us can continue this conversation and slowly deconstruct the stigma around mental health.

I am forever grateful to you all for supporting me along my mental health journey, and giving me this platform to advocate for increased awareness and support for anyone struggling with anxiety ❤️

Lets keep the conversation going!

Sending love,


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