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The Essentials to Healing a Dysregulated Nervous System

Navigating life with a dysregulated nervous system can be exhausting, overwhelming, and disorienting. Many of us experience the constant whirlwind of anxiety, feeling lost in the quest for stability. If you've been searching for solace, the connection between your mind and body might hold the key to your transformation.

I know all too well the consuming turmoil of existing with a dysregulated nervous system. The constant tug-of-war between feeling overwhelmed and lost became my daily companion. Exhausted from the relentless storm of anxiety, I searched for solace. It was in this tumultuous journey that I found the transformative power of reconnecting mind and body. Understanding this crucial connection led me to explore various methods and techniques. Today, I want to share these insights with you, hoping they will shed light on your path to healing.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation: Engaging with the vagus nerve, your body's internal regulator, is pivotal in restoring balance. Practices like deep breathing exercises, chanting, or simply humming a favorite tune can significantly stimulate your vagus nerve. For instance, five minutes of deep belly breathing every morning before starting your day can pave the way for a sense of calm and well-being.

Inner Child Work: Exploring your inner child can be transformative. Reconnecting with childhood joys or nurturing your creativity by dedicating time to painting, writing, or engaging in playful activities helps in processing unhealed emotions. Even something as simple as revisiting old photos or writing a letter to your younger self can foster a sense of self-compassion and emotional healing.

Brain Retraining: Rewiring your brain involves consciously shifting negative thought patterns. Try practicing positive affirmations or engaging in mindfulness exercises to reshape your perspective. For instance, when feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to pause, acknowledge the emotion, and intentionally reframe it with a positive affirmation, like "I am capable of handling this challenge with grace."

Somatic Experiencing: Tapping into your body's wisdom through somatic practices aids in releasing stored tension and trauma. Techniques like body scanning or practicing yoga regularly can help reconnect with your body. Try a body scan meditation: sit comfortably, focus on each part of your body, and consciously release any tension you encounter.

Healing Past Trauma: Addressing past traumas is vital. Consider therapy, forgiveness exercises, or trauma-focused practices. One exercise involves writing a letter to the person or situation causing distress, expressing your feelings, and then burning or discarding the letter as a symbol of letting go and moving forward.

Need support in your journey? Join the Nervous System Reset Challenge: Embark on my 10-day journey with the Nervous System Reset Challenge. This comprehensive program incorporates daily practices designed to kickstart your healing. Engaging in these practices offers invaluable tools to support you on your journey towards a more balanced and regulated nervous system.

Healing takes time, but I promise it is possible. I hope learning more about the components of healing a dysregulated nervous system was helpful in giving you guidance on your personal journey.

Sending love,


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Sandy Duke
Sandy Duke
Dec 23, 2023

Carly, thank you so much for your last two posts! They have not only helped me to identify what I have been dealing with, but they have also verified that I am on the right track! Within the past year I have started meditating, deep breathing, and journaling. Earlier this week I found myself doing vocal warmups as I drove because I noticed that it helped to calm my anxiety. I have just stumbled across doing these things as I search for ways to heal. (I wasn't really sure WHAT I was healing -- but now I know!) 😊

Carly Johnston
Carly Johnston
Dec 31, 2023
Replying to

Oh Sandy, I am so glad they have been helpful! It sounds like you've been already found your groove on what works best for you moving forward, and I am so happy for you :) SO happy you have that clarity moving forward. Sending you so much love, Carly

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