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Things I'm still learning... A reflection of the energy I'm bringing into 2023

The New Year is often so filled with becoming the 'new' or 'best' version of you...but guess are ALREADY enough just as you are. I wanted to bring a different kind of energy into 2023 and I wanted to invite you all to join me. This year instead of wishing things were different, or that certain things go exactly as we want them to, lets bring an energy of gentleness and compassion.

This year isn't about trying to control every possible outcome to make it 'great'. Its about taking those difficult moments and nurturing ourselves through them instead.

In the era of compassion and gentleness, I wanted to create a real and honest account of the things Im still learning. Sometimes social media can make it seem like we 'have it all together' and in reality I dont, and Im perfectly okay with that. Anxiety used to rule my life to such a large extent, I never thought I would get to this point. So if this is you right now - please know healing IS possible.

Lets dive into a few lessons...

I'm still learning how to create balance in my life and continue to prioritize my needs in it all. Practicing self care is easier said than done. When things get busy, often the first thing to go is taking care of ourselves because it feels like something 'extra' and because it isnt a commitment to someone else or associated with a deadline, it can often be really 'easy' to cancel.

This year, I want to be more curious about when this happens, and try and be as aware as I can in continuing to choose me no matter how bust it feels.

I'm still learning how I am beyond experiencing anxiety. When I started to experience anxiety, I let me define me. From that moment forward, I was anxious Carly. I let the feeling of anxiety lead me for YEARS even when I was trying to heal. Now that anxiety isn't as large of a component of my life, I find myself a bit lost. I was so used to anxiety driving my decisions that making decisions now feels hard. I find myself left without the familiar surges of adrenaline, and I have forgotten what its like to pursue hobbies without always jumping to the worst case scenario. Is my journey with anxiety perfect? Its FAR from it. I still have days/weeks/months where those feelings and sensations get loud, but those days are far fewer than every day.

This year, I invite you to join me in rediscovering what YOU love to do, not what anxiety loves to do. No matter where you are in your healing journey, we can practice stepping into joy EVEN WITH anxiety present in our lives. Sometimes we may feel like we have to be fully healed to enjoy life again, and in reality we can be present in every stepping stone and STILL enjoy the process. I'm excited to re-discover who I am and all the things that make me, me!

Lastly, I'm still learning to see the world in more than all-or-nothing thinking. For years (even before anxiety), I was a perfectionist. I saw everything as either the BEST thing ever, or the WORST case scenario. Perfectionism led me to believe my 'best' case scenario was often this unattainable goal that I wasn't able to fulfill and this left me seeing every 'less than ideal' outcome as the worst case scenario possible. I still struggle with this even years into my healing journey. Perfectionism can try to lead us down the 'if it isn't perfect, its trash' mindset, but in reality there are SO many outcomes that will work out if we begin to step out of the all-or-nothing thinking.

This year, I want to bring balance into my thinking the best was I can. I want to cultivate awareness and compassion in the moments where everything feels like it isn't going 'perfectly'. This year, I am leaning even more to embracing my imperfections and learning to love myself through them rather than despite of them.

We are all human. We are all working on healing in different ways at different times. May this bring you peace to know you are never alone in your healing journey.

Anxiety may often be a silent experience, but don't let it silence you from sharing your story, and reaching out for help.

Happy 2023.

Sending you all so much love,


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