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The Healing Your Anxious Mind guide is pure gold. As someone who has suffered from anxiety for 30+ years, I learned SO much and added countless tools in my anxiety toolbox (that I could implement and try right away!). It is completely self-paced so it’s perfect to read in one sitting or even go back whenever you can! I kept a notebook with me because throughout there are “Take a Moment” activities that really get your mind ready to learn and I can reference what I wrote down whenever I need to. There are beautiful visuals, words of encouragement and scientific facts packed into the guide as well. When I finished it, I had a sense of hope that I could control my anxiety better than before and that feeling is priceless!

- Courtney M

I discovered Carly’s Instagram a few years back when I was really struggling with my anxiety. I attending one of her workshops and got so much out of it!

I’m in Australia and during Covid, my city was locked down for over a year. My anxiety peaked. Then I found Carlys posts, they resonated with me so much I did a workshop with her which was so worthwhile and reassuring! It was all starting to make sense and I felt like I wasn’t alone with my Anxiety anymore.

Carly’s insights into Anxiety, the symptoms and the ways she’s suggest to address it are so insightful and incredibly effective. Carly’s regular posts made me feel validated and provided me with practical solutions I could use straight away.  Carly has helped me so much over the last few years, the way she has normalised how anxiety can feel is truly a huge support for my mental health and an incredible insight for someone so young still!. 

- Joanna W

This is a great & empowering read. 

Anxiety is hard to live with and even harder to navigate when it comes to recovery. Carly really maps out the recovery route for you and every chapter is packed with helpful and empowering information. 
Finding a resource that people are empowered by is key but feeling empowered helps us stay committed to our recovery. 

It’s so easy to steer off course but this resource truly give you the tools to get back on track quickly and not feel any shame for any blips we encounter. Well done Carly you have smashed it and this resource will empower people to believe in themselves when it comes to their recovery and also believing recovery is possible. 

- Sophie W


Your 10 Day Nervous System Balance Challenge

  • This 10 day nervous system healing guide is meant to challenge your mind and body to shift it from a state of stress and exhaustion to a state of relaxation and calm.


    For YEARS I experienced chronic nervous system dysregulation that I wasn't even aware of.


    I felt:

    • Exhausted

    • Overstimulated

    • Overwhelmed

    • Frustrated

    • Easily angered




    Sound familiar? Then you're in the right place. This guide will help you to learn more about your nervous system and challenge you to try one new practice per day that will help you be more centered and calm as you move through life.


    At the end of the 10 days you'll feel:

    • More confident in understanding what your nervous system is

    • More centered and balanced

    • Empowered to continue using the exercises that worked for you in your every day life


    Not only will you feel better, but you'll also understand the WHY behind these exercises. When I was struggling with nervous system dysreguation, I never understood WHY these exercises helped. I often felt frustrated because I just didn't understand the point.


    That's why I wanted to also include the WHY behind these practices. You'll learn the science behind these tools rather than just the tools themselves. I am a strong believer that learning about WHY our body is in the state it's in helps us feel more empowered to take a step toward healing.


    Take the challenge, and see how nervous system regulation can transform how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally.

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