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4 Key Steps in Healing from Anxiety

Now you may have read through my story and asked yourself...I appreciate hearing your story Carly, but where do I go from here? and thats TOTALLY okay!

Everyones healing journey will look slightly different, and what works for me may not work the best for you!

This is why today I wanted to discuss 4 key steps that I would recommend when beginning your healing journey. These are general steps, and they are meant to be general, because each step may look different for each person. These are tips I wish I knew when I was really struggling with anxiety.

' Your journey is unique, be mindful of how you can best support yourself while healing'

Lets dive into the 4 key steps


We cannot heal what we don't allow ourselves to feel. If you've been running from feelings of anxiety for a long time, or maybe you're denying any and all relation of how you're feeling to anxiety - it's going to be difficult to begin healing. Acceptance will look different for everyone. Maybe for you it's saying the word 'Anxiety' out loud instead of keeping it inside. Maybe it's simply sitting with this feeling as it arises instead of pushing it away. This step is vital to our healing journey.


The next step is simply to explore when you feel these sensations. Now I do NOT want you to search for an 'answer' every time you experience anxiety. We can search for a long time but may not be able to pinpoint the EXACT reason. So keep this in mind. I want you to create a curiosity around when does anxiety arise for you. Is it in certain experiences or is it chronic and happening for what feels to be all day? There is NO right answer here, its more about taking that mental note.


Nothing changes if nothing changes. Now we have accepted and started to recognize when these feelings arise, it's time to turn inward and see what WE need most. Now this may feel uncomfortable if you've been someone who put others first for many many years (where my fellow people pleasers at?!). The key is to begin seeing how you can take care of yourself and starting small when doing so. Maybe it's simply taking a 5 minute break during your day, or maybe its ensuring you're eating and hydrating. If you're struggling with creating a routine that works for you, check out my free SMART self care routine worksheet here.


I mentioned this in my own personal healing story, but self compassion can do wonders for our experience with anxiety. It isn't meant to simply rid you of anxiety forever, but it is meant to nurture you THROUGH this difficult moments. It's there for you to support yourself in the best way you can. It will take time for that inner critic voice to lessen, but it will with a consistent practice of self compassion. Simply begin by recognizing that this is a difficult moment. Call out how you're feeling. THEN turn inward to see what you need. Maybe it's fresh air, a moment alone, or something else. It begins with that small action.

Now I could probably go on for days about helpful approaches for anxiety, but these are the core. They are the bread and butter of healing.

Sit with this post. See how it could best support you.

You are always deserving of healing.

Sending love, Carly

If this post resonated with you and you would like more support with healing from anxiety, check out my instagram @healingtheanxiousmind for daily posts on anxiety support and education.

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